The purpose of this page is to highlight the excellence of the Black musicians who have been guests on our show. We understand that homogeneity is not a characteristic of either Black music or Black artists. 
In addition to showcasing artists who identify as Black, this page will also serve to highlight artists who identify as African, African Canadian, Afro-Caribbean or African American.
We also recognize the rich contribution of Black artists in rock and roll, country, jazz, blues, funk, rhythm and blues, gospel, soul, disco, dance, pop, rap, hip hop and so many more musical genres.
Here are the Black musicians who’ve been guests on our show. We hope you enjoy listening to these interviews as much as we enjoyed recording them. 


SATE (meaning): satisfy a desire to the full. said her music leaves you exhausted but…

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Singer-songwriter LU KALA’s unique approach to pop music lead her to co-writing a song with DVSN…

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