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Chris Duncombe | The Washboard Union

Chris Duncombe of The Washboard Union

Chris Duncombe is one third of the popular award-winning country band, The Washboard Union. Chris is also the co-founder of Music Therapy Ride and the Director of Streaming and Podcasting at CuriousCast.

In this podcast episode we talked about:
– working with GRAMMY award-winning producer Bob Ezrin
– working with Garth Richardson
– being the first Canadian country group to win a Juno Award for Breakthrough Group of the Year
– How Chris got the nickname Dunner
– his love of songwriting
– meeting Aaron Grain and David Roberts to form The Washboard Union

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U.N. Jefferson | Ajay Massy and Justin Abedin

Welcome To The Music presents U.N. Jefferson in a unique intimate and interactive event.

Ajay Massey and Justin Abedin sat down for an intimate conversation with Gregg Tilston and Karim Kanji before performing an interactive concert at Radical Road Brewery.

U.N Jefferson is a 9 piece Modern Soul band from Toronto known for their highly energetic and entertaining live shows. One of Canada’s hottest live acts!

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Adam Weitner | AstroLab Studio and Manger of DJ and Producer Saad Ayub

Karim sits down to have a chat with Adam Weitner of AstroLab Studios, Toronto’s first on-demand video & audio content studio.

AstroLab Studios helps businesses and artists produce commercials, web videos, PSAs, music videos, and just about any video narrative cost-effectively by offering video sound stages, video equipment and post video facilities by the hour.

Weitner is also the Manager of Producer and DJ, Saad Ayub.

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Dave Bidini | West End Phoenix Founder and Editor – Rheostatics Founding Member

Rheostatics front man and West End Phoenix editor and founder, Dave Bidini joins Karim and Gregg to discuss;

  • Dave’s memories of Neil Peart
  • Neil telling Dave about how much he liked Rheostatics and whether Dave had ever heard of them before
  • Life as a member of this Rheostatics
  • West End Phoenix the independent newspaper
  • Dave’s love of writing since he was a kid
  • The music Dave has been listening to lately and what’s influencing what he’s working on now

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Orphan George aka Steve Davis of Before The Flood

With the release of his first solo album as Orphan George, Steve Davis joins Gregg Tilston and Karim Kanji to discuss his musical journey. Steve, Karim, and Gregg discuss;

  • The making of the Orphan George album
  • The history of Before the flood
  • Steve’s various bands throughout his career
  • The impact of learning to play jazz guitar on Steve as a musician
  • And the great beer (and diet Coke) they serve at Radical Road Brewery

This episode was recorded live at Radical Road Brewery in the heart of Leslieville.

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Joe Cash – Singer-Songwriter, Videographer, and Scarborough Legend

Joe Cash on Welcome To The Music

Joe Cash, Scarborough native, musician, singer-songwriter, and videographer for King of the Dot, joins Karim Kanji and Gregg Tilston for episode two of Welcome To The Music.

Joe, Gregg, and Karim discuss a number of topics including;

  • Scarborough, Scarborough, and more Scarborough
  • Joe Cash’s musical career, including his latest single and video Scarborough Girl
  • Experiences during high school (including Welcome To The Musics’s first guest, Josie Dye’s sister Allison as his music teacher)
  • Going to school with The Weeknd
  • Joe’s passion that led him to attend Film School in Toronto
  • Filming some of his favourite bands’ concerts
  • Shooting his own music videos
  • His videography work with King of the Dot (KOTD), live rap battle events with more than 800,000 subscribers on YouTube
  • Hanging out with Drake
  • Online broadcasting via streaming for events like KOTD and Battle At The Barracks
  • And ‘his boys’ (aka his guinea pigs – see below!)

A very special thanks our Joe Cash episode’s sponsor Born On A Friday.

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Josie Dye – Broadcaster and Host of Indie88's Morning Show

Josie Dye join Gregg Tilston and Karim Kanji for Welcome To The Music

Karim Kanji and Gregg Tilston welcome Josie Dye of Indie88 for the launch of This special episode was recorded live from Radical Road Brewing Co. and during those in attendance raised money for Socks 4 Souls Canada.

Josie, Gregg, and Karim discuss a number of topics including;

  • Josie Dye’s career at Indie88 and previously with 102.1 The Edge and Corus Entertainment
  • Her family including her two sons and husband Joel, owner of Dine Alone Records
  • Gregg and Josie share their childhood memories of being the musical The Music Man (not the same production)
  • The importance of getting the flu shot (and Gregg’s fear of needles)
  • Josies’ various interview with musicians over the years
  • Gregg and Josie’s distain for Billy Corgan, but they love his music
  • Of course some good memories of Bookie and Martin Streak
  • Josie’s National Anthem experience, and subsequent licensing revenue!
  • The Gallagher brothers
  • Josie Dye’s trip to Nunavut
  • And lastly a little politics and religion thrown in for good measure

Thank you to everyone who joined us and an even bigger thank you for helping us raise $800 for Sock 4 Souls Canada!

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Eric Shenkman – Spin Doctors Songwriter and Guitarist

My next guest sold millions of albums in the late 80s and early 90s as part of the blues, funk, rock outfit Spin Doctors. He continues to tour and play as a solo act as well as with the Spin Doctors. His latest project, “Who Shot John?” will be familiar to fans who have grown accustomed to his raw and infectious energy.

Please Welcome to the show singer, songwriter, and an awesome guitar player Eric Shenkman.

This is Episode #193 of the Welcome! podcast.

Songs by Spin Doctors and Eric Shenkman.

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