Mohawk artist Tom Wilson, joins the show to discuss his book Beautiful Scars (which has been made into a documentary and soon a live play), his art, and his band Junkhouse’s reunion.

Host Karim Kanji interviewed Tom Wilson for the show, Welcome to the Music. They discussed the re-release of Junkhouse’s Strays album for its 30th anniversary and the upcoming ticketed shows in London, Kitchener, Hamilton, and Toronto. They also talked about the importance of creating a comfortable environment for creativity and celebrating indigenous culture and art. Wilson emphasized the need for people to listen and open their hearts to one another, and to move away from the colonial way of being an authority over others.


– Tom Wilson’s journey as a modern Mohawk artist

– Junkhouse’s 30th Anniversary Re-release and Tour – Tom Wilson talks about the upcoming ticketed shows for Junkhouse’s 30th anniversary and the sentimental value of the band and Sony Music.

– He also discusses the loss of Dan Achen and the guitarists who have filled in for him.

– Karim Kanji and Tom Wilson discuss the importance of creating a comfortable environment for creativity. Wilson shares how his living room hosts writers and musicians, and how this environment breeds great ideas. He also talks about the renovation of Massey Hall and how it has affected the backstage and dressing rooms.

– Karim Kanji and Tom Wilson discuss the importance of celebrating indigenous culture and art, including Steve Salas’ documentary “Rumble” and Wilson’s upcoming play based on his book “Beautiful Scars.” They also touch on the significance of telling indigenous stories and the impact of colonialism, with Wilson emphasizing the need to put Mohawk culture into the light and celebrate it. They also briefly mention Patrick Hunter, an artist who paints feathers. – The influence of indigenous music on rock and roll

– The development of a play based on the book “Beautiful Scars”

– Karim Kanji asks Tom Wilson about his journey of creating art and educating people about truth and reconciliation. Wilson talks about how he is inspired 24/7 as a Mohawk, and how he has messages to get out. He emphasizes the need for people to open their hearts to one another and to stop being an authority over others, and to move away from sources like Twitter and Fox News.


November 29 – London Music Hall – London

November 30 – Maxwell’s – Waterloo

December 1 – Bridgeworks – Hamilton

December 2 – Horseshoe Tavern – Toronto

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