Odds front man and Trans-Canada Highwaymen member Craig Northey joins the show to discuss Odds’ new album Crash The Time Machine as well as his new project with Steven Page, Moe Berg, and Chris Murphy; Trans-Canada Highwaymen’s new album Explosive Hits Vol. 1. Craig surprises us with a special performance of the song Somehow In A Dream.

Canadian rock band Odds released their seventh studio album, “Crash the Time Machine,” co-produced by Steven Page earlier this year. The album explores themes of struggle and community, showcasing the band’s evolution into new musical directions while maintaining their dark ironic signature.

The first track, “Staring at a Blank Page,” is described as defiantly joyful, offering a perspective on overcoming immovable obstacles by altering one’s own outlook.

Singer and guitarist Craig Northey emphasizes the significance of friendship as a form of immortality, acknowledging the collaborative influence of friends, including the late John Mann of Spirit of the West, on the album. The band, consisting of Northey, bassist Doug Elliott, drummer Pat Steward, and guitarist Murray Atkinson, reflects on their musical journey, rooted in the present but informed by a rich past dating back to their founding in 1987.

Odds gained recognition with their 1991 debut, “Neopolitan,” and continued to achieve success with Gold-selling releases like “Bedbugs” in 1993 and Platinum-selling “Good Weird Feeling” in 1995. After a hiatus in 1999, they regrouped in 2007 to embark on the second chapter of their recording career with the release of “Cheerleader” in 2008.Show less

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