Classified YouTube interview

Canadian rapper and hip hop icon, Classified, joins the show to discuss his new single and video, People.

We discuss Classified’s music career spanning over 25 years, the creative process behind music production, Lost Venues, and Classified’s recent music preferences including:

Discussion on the current state of O’Canada and its lyrics

Classified’s Song writing Journey and Inspiration

  • The impact of becoming a father on Classified’s songwriting and perspective

Luke’s Music Career and Motivation

Sampling and Inspiration

Luke’s Stories of Musical Inspiration and Lost Venues Classified

  • The significance of certain venues, such as the Embassy Hotel in London, Ontario

Music Recommendations and Closing Remarks

  • The current music Classified is listening to, including Chance the Rapper’s latest album
  • Classified’s career and his prolific output of albums

Other topics we discussed:

Were you legitimately angry or disappointed when writing the song “People”?

How has becoming a father changed your song writing and lyrics?

Can you share a story about a song that came to be, such as “Inner Ninja” or “Three Foot Tall”?

What music have you been listening to lately, and what would you recommend to others?

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