High Adventure: Tales of Canadian Rock & Roll Survival

Gregg Tilston and Karim Kanji are back for their first 2024 episode. In this edition they welcome founding member and first drummer for Canadian classic rock icons, April Wine, Ritchie Henman.

Henman recently wrote his memoir, High Adventure: Tales of Canadian Rock & Roll Survival. Get is book here: https://www.ritchiehenman.com/high-adventure

The boys started the episode by congratulating Henman on his recent achievements in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and Juno Hall of Fame.

Henman reflected on his long-standing friendship with Myles Goodwyn, emphasizing their admiration for each other’s musical abilities and stage presence.

He also delved into his musical journey with his brother, David, and his decision to write the book, citing his concern about preserving his memories due to a family history of Alzheimer’s.

The conversation then shifted to Henman’s wife, Claire, and her profound impact on his musical career, with a hint at the potential for her to write a book about her remarkable adventures in the entertainment industry. They also discussed Henman’s memories of playing in Sudbury and Ontario Place, as well as his diverse music preferences, ranging from classical composers to contemporary artists.

Topics discussed:

  • Remembering Myles Goodwyn
  • Ritchie’s musical journey and evolution
  • Motivation for writing the book
  • Ritchie’s wife’s influence on his career
  • Memories of Sudbury and Ontario Place
  • Ritchie reads a paragraph from his book
  • The music Ritchie listens to today

Image: https://www.ritchiehenman.com/

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