Hosts Karim Kanji Karim Kanji and Gregg Tilston welcome to the show author Ray Robertson. Ray recently wrote the book, “All The Years Combine: The Grateful Dead In Fifty Shows”.

The episode began with a discussion on the influence of drugs on the Grateful Dead and the philosophy of life that the band embodied. Ray explained why he chose to write a book about 50 shows and how he came up with the number. He also talked about the challenge of weaving short stories around each show around the band’s timeline to tell the story. Ray discussed the aesthetic philosophy of the Grateful Dead and how they were beatniks rather than hippies.

Ray and Gregg also discussed the Grateful Dead’s unique approach to music-making and how they attracted fans with their un-corporate, outsider image. They explored the tension between flirting with the mainstream and maintaining their misfit power, and the band’s legacy in inspiring a sense of community and ceremony among fans. They also touched on the band’s influence on other musicians, such as Pearl Jam and Chris Robinson, and the importance of encouraging bootleg culture in the current music industry.