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Gregg Tilston and Karim Kanji welcome to the show Steven Page!

The episode begins with a discussion on the creation of the Trans Canada Highwaymen album Explosive Hits Vol 1, a K-Tel tribute album, sharing anecdotes about the song selection process, remote recording during the pandemic, and the creation of the infomercial for the album. They also explored the profound impact of growing up in Scarborough on Steven’s musical influences and personal identity, discussing how the multicultural environment and music programs in Scarborough played a pivotal role in shaping his perspectives and ultimately contributed to the formation of the band the Barenaked Ladies. 

Steven Page shared personal anecdotes about his enduring friendship with fellow musicians, past collaborations, and current work on a new record. He also emotionally recounted the experience of singing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” at Jack Layton’s memorial service, expressing the pressure and honor of fulfilling Layton’s request. Additionally, he performed a song from his recent album and discussed his regular live streams during the pandemic, where he plays his own songs and covers. 

The meeting also involved discussions about lost venues, Steven’s music preferences, and the details of the upcoming show on Easter weekend.

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