the real george michael

The meeting began with Karim Kanji and Gregg Tilston discussing the George Michael documentary (The Real George Michael) before introducing Simon Napier-Bell, who shared insights into George Michael’s unique writing process and the making of the “Freedom” video. They also discussed George Michael’s legal battle with Sony and his multilayered personality. Simon Napier-Bell explained his decision to let people who knew George Michael speak without any commentary in the documentary, and the group discussed the differences between American and British documentaries.

The conversation then shifted to the music industry’s monetization methods and the importance of understanding contracts and fair deals. Simon Napier-Bell shared his experience of guiding Wham! to become the biggest group in the world in just one year, including the challenges he faced in making the band the first Western group to play in China. The group also discussed the complex personalities of George Michael and Sinead O’Connor and how they would like to be remembered.

In the final section of the meeting, Simon Napier-Bell shared his thoughts on the music industry and how it operates to sell music and monetize it. The participants wrapped up the conversation by discussing upcoming episodes and confirming email addresses, with a light-hearted and friendly tone throughout.

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