This episode begins with Karim Kanji and Gregg Tilston sharing their excitement about Karim’s recent Zoom call with musician Neil Young and his upcoming outdoor tour.

They then introduced Rannie Turingan from the Vinyljunkie Podcast, and the conversation shifted to Rannie’s impressive vinyl collection. The group also discussed their early encounters with vinyl collecting and their favourite live albums.

The conversation then turned to Record Store Day and upcoming releases, with the group expressing their enthusiasm for the new Pearl Jam album and specific releases they were looking forward to. They also discussed the opening of HMV mini shops in Toys R Us stores and Rannie’s upcoming podcast interview with Derek Antonio from Pop Music.

Discussion on Music Preferences:

Rannie, Karim, and Gregg engage in a lively discussion about their music preferences, particularly regarding Neil Young and Rush. Rannie expresses a dislike for Rush, citing Geddy Lee’s voice as a factor. Karim shares his recent interaction with Neil Young and explores the impact of vocal styles on music enjoyment, leading to a light-hearted exchange about potential show guests.

Rannie Turingan: Vinyljunkie Podcast

Vinyl Collecting Origins:

Rannie and Karim delve into their childhood experiences with vinyl collecting, recalling the influence of their fathers’ record collections and the diverse range of music they were exposed to. They share anecdotes about visiting record stores and discovering new artists, emphasizing the formative role of vinyl in shaping their musical tastes and memories.

Sharing First Vinyl and Live Album Memories:

Rannie, Karim, and Gregg reminisce about their first vinyl purchases, with Rannie recalling Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” and Gregg mentioning Michael Jackson’s “Starting Something.” They also discuss their favourite live albums, including U2’s “Under a Blood Red Sky” and a rare Death Cab for Cutie record store release that Rannie cherishes.

Finding Time for Vinyl Listening:

Karim talks about his scheduled vinyl listening time and a game he plays with family members. Rannie mentions his current frequency of vinyl listening compared to the past, while Gregg shares that he listens to vinyl at the end of his working day.

Stories about Meeting the Barenaked Ladies:

Karim, Rannie, and Gregg discuss their encounters with the Barenaked Ladies, sharing stories of attending early gigs, meeting band members at different venues, and personal connections. They reflect on the band’s humble beginnings and how Canadian celebrities live among the public.

Discussion on Record Store Day and upcoming releases:

Rannie, Gregg, and Karim engage in a lively discussion about Record Store Day and upcoming releases. They express their anticipation for new albums from artists like Pearl Jam and David Bowie, and share their plans for shopping on Record Store Day. Rannie also mentions specific releases he is looking forward to, including a Cranberries release and Dolores O’Riordan’s solo album.

Rannie discusses his collection of Peter and the Wolf recordings, highlighting the different narrators and versions he has collected over the years.

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