Derry Grehan - Honeymoon Suite

Hosts Gregg Tilston and Karim Kanji welcome to the show, Derry Grehan, lead guitarist and songwriter for the Canadian classic rock band, Honeymoon Suite. 

The episode begins with the Pre-Show with Gregg and Karim sharing their enthusiasm for live music while reminiscing about past concert experiences. 

Derry shared stories of the band’s humble beginnings, their breakthrough in winning a contest and getting signed, and their subsequent success. 

Derry Grehan – Honeymoon Suite

Derry and Gregg engaged in a lively discussion about their encounters with influential musicians and their experiences collaborating with them. Derry shared stories about watching artists like Billy Gibbons, Steve Stevens, and Dave Navarro perform, expressing their admiration and respect for these musicians. Additionally, Derry recounted their interactions with Nuno Bettencourt, Rick Nielsen, and Michael McDonald, detailing the collaborative and inspiring moments they shared.

The conversation also touched on Derry’s involvement in recording for Frozen Ghost’s first album and the connections he made with other musicians throughout their careers.

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