Rob Preuss

Exploring Musical Journeys and Industry Insights: A Podcast Conversation with Rob Preuss

In our latest podcast episode, hosts Gregg Tilston and Karim Kanji had the pleasure of sitting down with the talented musician and coach, Rob Preuss, who joined us all the way from Queens, New York. This engaging conversation touched upon various aspects of Rob’s remarkable journey in the music industry, offering valuable insights and reflections on both personal experiences and broader industry trends.

Rob’s journey began at a remarkably young age when he joined The Spoons at just 15 years old. From there, he embarked on a diverse and dynamic career, eventually finding himself coaching Rami Malek for his role in the acclaimed film Bohemian Rhapsody. This early introduction to the music scene laid the foundation for Rob’s deep understanding of the industry and its inner workings.

Throughout our discussion, we delved into the significant influence of CFNY and Spirit Radio on shaping the music landscape, particularly during the formative years of Rob’s career. CFNY not only provided a platform for emerging artists but also contributed to the development of a vibrant and innovative music culture.

However, our conversation didn’t solely focus on past achievements; we also explored current trends and challenges facing the music industry. One such topic of discussion was the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in pop music production. Rob shared his insights on how AI technologies are revolutionizing the creative process, while also raising questions about the authenticity and human element of music creation.

Moreover, we didn’t shy away from addressing the pressing challenges and uncertainties within the music industry today. From navigating the complexities of digital streaming platforms to the ever-evolving landscape of music consumption, Rob offered valuable perspectives on how musicians and industry professionals can adapt and thrive in this rapidly changing environment.

Despite these challenges, the overarching theme of our conversation was one of passion and resilience. Rob emphasized the importance of staying true to one’s artistic vision and fostering genuine connections with audiences. He also highlighted the significance of inspiring the next generation of musicians, encouraging them to pursue their passion for music with authenticity and dedication.

As we wrapped up our conversation, there was a palpable sense of camaraderie and optimism for the future of music. Rob’s infectious enthusiasm and wealth of experience left us inspired and eager to continue exploring the rich tapestry of the music industry in future episodes.

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