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Josie Dye | Indie88 Morning Show

Josie Dye join Gregg Tilston and Karim Kanji for Welcome To The Music

Karim Kanji and Gregg Tilston welcome Josie Dye of Indie88 for the launch of This special episode was recorded live from Radical Road Brewing Co. and during those in attendance raised money for Socks 4 Souls Canada.

Josie, Gregg, and Karim discuss a number of topics including;

  • Josie Dye’s career at Indie88 and previously with 102.1 The Edge and Corus Entertainment
  • Her family including her two sons and husband Joel, owner of Dine Alone Records
  • Gregg and Josie share their childhood memories of being the musical The Music Man (not the same production)
  • The importance of getting the flu shot (and Gregg’s fear of needles)
  • Josies’ various interview with musicians over the years
  • Gregg and Josie’s distain for Billy Corgan, but they love his music
  • Of course some good memories of Bookie and Martin Streak
  • Josie’s National Anthem experience, and subsequent licensing revenue!
  • The Gallagher brothers
  • Josie Dye’s trip to Nunavut
  • And lastly a little politics and religion thrown in for good measure

Thank you to everyone who joined us and an even bigger thank you for helping us raise $800 for Sock 4 Souls Canada!