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Joe Cash – Singer-Songwriter, Videographer, and Scarborough Legend

Joe Cash on Welcome To The Music

Joe Cash, Scarborough native, musician, singer-songwriter, and videographer for King of the Dot, joins Karim Kanji and Gregg Tilston for episode two of Welcome To The Music.

Joe, Gregg, and Karim discuss a number of topics including;

  • Scarborough, Scarborough, and more Scarborough
  • Joe Cash’s musical career, including his latest single and video Scarborough Girl
  • Experiences during high school (including Welcome To The Musics’s first guest, Josie Dye’s sister Allison as his music teacher)
  • Going to school with The Weeknd
  • Joe’s passion that led him to attend Film School in Toronto
  • Filming some of his favourite bands’ concerts
  • Shooting his own music videos
  • His videography work with King of the Dot (KOTD), live rap battle events with more than 800,000 subscribers on YouTube
  • Hanging out with Drake
  • Online broadcasting via streaming for events like KOTD and Battle At The Barracks
  • And ‘his boys’ (aka his guinea pigs – see below!)

A very special thanks our Joe Cash episode’s sponsor Born On A Friday.