John Borra joins Karim Kanji and Gregg Tilston on the show.

We discuss;

What instrument did John remember playing first?

John’s experience busking in Toronto and the TTC program.

John Borra’s new album Cassettes In Common. Release Date: Oct. 21, 2022

Working with Mike Boguski, Barney Bentall, and other previous guests of Welcome To The Music.

The importance of radio stations like CKLN, CIUT, and (early) CFNY in supporting new musicians and musical genres.

Playing with and remembering Gord Lewis from Teenage Head.

John plays an acoustic version of Blue Wine

At age 16, John Borra played his first gig at the legendary Toronto punk bar The Turning Point (Lost Venues). Since then he has been a part of nearly every significant musical movement in the city. These days he’s best known as a troubadour, albeit one with a rebellious storytelling streak that can be traced back to Hank Williams and other pioneering voices of folk and country music. 

John’s ongoing Sunday matinees at The Communist’s Daughter?

John Borra’s new album, Cassettes In Common, is a collection of covers of some of Toronto’s song writing cult heroes, from Handsome Ned and Bob Snider, to Sam Larkin and Kyp Harness. He also covers one of Ron Sexsmith’s early songs from his first indie cassette, Grand Opera Lane.