Host Karim Kanji takes on one of the most iconic figures in Canadian music lore: Ed The Sock.

Ed The Sock is a Canadian television personality and puppet character created and performed by Steven Kerzner. Ed is a cigar-smoking, sock puppet who first rose to prominence in the 1990s as the host of the late-night talk show “Fromage,” which aired on the Citytv network in Toronto, Canada.

Ed quickly gained a following for his irreverent and often controversial commentary on popular culture, politics, and current events, which he delivered with a no-holds-barred attitude and a sharp wit. He also interviewed a variety of celebrity guests on the show, ranging from musicians to actors to politicians, and was known for his unapologetic style of questioning.

After “Fromage” ended, Ed went on to host several other television shows, including “Ed’s Nite In,” “This Movie Sucks!,” and “I Hate Hollywood,” among others. He also appeared on several Canadian news programs as a commentator and has made appearances on various radio shows and podcasts.

Ed is known for his satirical and often provocative sense of humor, and has been involved in several controversies over the years. However, he has continued to maintain a strong presence in Canadian media, and is beloved by many for his unique brand of humor and commentary.

Overall, Ed The Sock is a beloved and iconic figure in Canadian pop culture, known for his irreverent humor, sharp commentary, and willingness to tackle controversial topics. He continues to be a major influence in the Canadian entertainment industry and remains a fixture in the hearts and minds of many Canadians.

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