Hosts Gregg Tilston and Karim Kanji welcome to the show Toronto Hip Hop legend, Dan-e-o.

Gregg and Karim begin the Pre Show sharing their positive experiences at recent concerts and recommended the musical Beautiful Scars, praising the theatre and the story of Tom Wilson. The conversation also included a description of the theater and the outstanding music in the musical, as well as an encounter with Tom Wilson and his art installation, which left a lasting impression on Karim.

The discussion then shifted to Dan-e-o, a local hip hop legend, and his upcoming album release and a listening party. Dan-e-o and Karim discussed the influences and upbringing that shaped Dan-e-o’s sound. Dan-e-o also reflected on his childhood experiences with vinyl records, emphasizing the impact of Bob Marley and Michael Jackson’s Thriller on his love for music and entertainment.


he conversation then revolved around the transformative impact of technology on music production and distribution, with Dan-e-o highlighting the positive aspects of collaborating with artists from different parts of the world. He also addressed the downside of technology enabling laziness in music creation. The speakers also touched on the changing landscape of music distribution and the impact of technology on feuds and battles in the music industry, illustrating the profound influence of digital platforms on the dissemination of music to a global audience. The meeting ended with a powerful spoken word performance by Dan-e-o and a discussion about the promotion and availability of his album “Vigilante.”

Check out Dan-e-o’s work on his website -> https://urbnet.com/dan-e-o

You can also find Dan-e-o here: https://www.youtube.com/@donfaraldo