Shawn Clarke

The episode began with a discussion between Gregg Tilston and Karim Kanji about their upcoming concert plans, expressing excitement for the various shows they have lined up. Gregg and Karim then welcomed to the show Shawn Clarke. They engaged in a lively discussion about their favorite movies and music, with a focus on influential soundtracks and composers. Shawn Clarke delved into the musical influences that shaped his interest in acoustic music and guitar playing, citing artists such as Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Dave Matthews Band, and Bob Dylan.

The trio also shared their experiences with music during the pandemic, with Shawn Clarke and Gregg Tilston expressing their mutual appreciation for Britney Spears’ “Toxic” and discussing the characteristics of a great pop song. During the discussion, Shawn Clarke shared the origin of the album title “Softer Scissors,” revealing that it came from an auditory hallucination and a recording process using an eight-track cassette recorder. He also performed “Tall Trees” live, offering a personal and emotive rendition that captures the depth of his songwriting.

Shawn Clarke with Gregg Tilston and Karim Kanji

We also chatted about the following:

Concert Plans and Excitement
Gregg and Karim excitedly share their plans for upcoming concerts, including the Born and Raised Festival in St. Catharines, seeing Metric at Budweiser, and attending shows by Frank Turner and Neil Young. Karim also mentions getting tickets to see Shaggy and Sting with Minaz, expressing enthusiasm for the upcoming events.

Movie and Music Favorites
Gregg kicks off the discussion by asking about favorite movies with music themes, leading to a conversation about influential soundtracks and composers. Shawn Clarke shares how the Batman movie made him realize the importance of music in films, while Karim Kanji talks about the impact of the Dune soundtrack. The team also discusses the work of composers like Hans Zimmer and Trent Reznor.

Shawn Clarke’s Musical Influences
Shawn Clarke shares how artists like Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Dave Matthews Band, and Bob Dylan influenced his passion for acoustic music and guitar playing. He also mentions the impact of Neil Young’s music and how it inspired him to learn guitar, particularly referencing the song “Needle in the Damage Done.”

Music Preferences and Recent Purchases
Shawn Clarke and Gregg Tilston share their experiences of listening to various music genres during the pandemic, including thrash metal, psychedelic country, and jazz fusion. They also discuss their music preferences while driving and walking, and Shawn talks about recent vinyl purchases, including albums by the Monkees and jazz guitarists.

Discussion on Pop Songs and Guilty Pleasures
Greggtilston and Shawn Clarke share their admiration for Britney Spears’ “Toxic” and delve into what makes a great pop song, with Shawn highlighting the quick, melodic, and to-the-point nature of Andy Kim’s “Sugar Sugar” as an example.

Naming of Album “Softer Scissors”
Karim Kanji asks Shawn Clarke about the decision to name his album “Softer Scissors” and its connection to the songwriting process during the pandemic. Shawn explains that the name was inspired by an auditory hallucination and a recording technique using an old cassette recorder, which resulted in a unique sound and an open-ended interpretation of the phrase.

Shawn Clarke Discusses Inspiration for “Tall Trees” and Performs the Song
Shawn Clarke shares the inspiration behind his song “Tall Trees,” revealing that it was influenced by his experiences during COVID, concerns about family members, and his exploration of his Métis heritage. He also performs the song live during the meeting, providing a firsthand glimpse into the creative process behind the music.