Katrina Woolverton

In a recent episode of “Welcome to The Music,” host Karim Kanji had the pleasure of sitting down with Grammy-winning producer Val Garay and the talented singer-songwriter Katrina Woolverton. This engaging conversation explored their collaboration on a new project, specifically the EDM remix of the iconic song “Bette Davis Eyes,” and delved into the challenges and rewards of adapting classic songs to a modern dance style.

Val’s Transition to EDM and the Collaborative Process

The discussion then shifted to Val Garay’s foray into EDM and dance music, highlighting his technical prowess in vocal tracking and production. Karim praised Val and Katrina’s collaborative spirit, emphasizing the trust and mutual respect that underpin their creative partnership.

Catching Up and Reflecting on Nostalgia

Val and Katrina shared memories on Los Angeles and Toronto, reminiscing about iconic music venues and the impact of urban development on these cultural landmarks. The closure of beloved spots like Bimelmans and the enduring charm of places like Whiskey A Go-Go and the Troubadour were points of nostalgic reflection.

Reimagining “Bette Davis Eyes

One of the central themes was their work on the EDM version of “Bette Davis Eyes.” Val expressed his initial hesitation about reworking such a classic hit but shared his surprise and delight at the positive reception the project received. The conversation touched on the delicate balance of preserving the essence of the original while introducing fresh, contemporary elements.

Exploring the Boundaries of EDM

Val and Katrina discussed the limitless possibilities within EDM, contrasting it with traditional production techniques. They expressed excitement about the creative freedom the genre offers and teased upcoming singles and albums that continue to explore this innovative musical landscape.

Check out the song here: https://tmapr.com/kwbde/

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