101 Fascinating Canadian Music Facts

David McPherson joins the show to discuss his new book 101 Fascinating Canadian Music Facts which features stories about musicians and their experiences across Canada.

Hosts Karim Kanji and Gregg Tilston start the episode off by discussing the Much Music documentary and tour, sharing details about the special guests and expressing their enthusiasm for the brand’s continued impact on Canadian culture. They also reflected on recent interviews with celebrities, highlighting their admiration for their work and personal qualities.

David McPherson joined the conversation to discuss his book on Canadian music facts, sharing interesting stories about musicians and their experiences in the industry. The group also talked about guitars and musicians, highlighting the importance of chance encounters and the role they can play in success.

The episode continued with David McPherson sharing an interesting story about the Maple Leaf Forever guitar, which was made using wood from a tree that inspired Canada’s unofficial national anthem. He also discussed his upcoming book tour. The group discussed the Much Comes Out initiative and its significance in Canadian music history, as well as various topics related to music, including Neil Young’s recording process and The Kings’ performance at the Heatwave Festival. David McPherson shared the inspiring story of Adrian Sutherland, an artist who created his debut solo record during COVID using an old shipping container as a studio.

The episode concluded with David McPherson discussing his music preferences and promoting his book, “101 Fascinating Canadian Music Facts.”

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